Weightlifting Team Begins to Lift

Ayden Ortiz, Sofia Santos

The Weightlifting team starts their season off with tough conditioning and it becomes intense. 

The weightlifting team starts off by stretching out their legs and 3 laps around the school which becomes a struggle for some kids. 

The practice began for the weightlifting team on Wednesday, January 11th. They began practicing their forms and techniques on how to do the exercise properly. The team looks forward to setting new records and going to state champions. 

“Weightlifting practices usually last for 2 hours starting at 2:45 and ending at 4:30” (Thomas Caldiero (10). 

When it comes to the weight room, “we usually have a set schedule of what we do each day, some exercises include bench press, squats, and deadlift which could be very difficult”. 

Members of weightlifting have started practicing once again. Some players say, “they are excited to train again and have a progressive and insightful beginning to their training”. The weightlifting team is looking forward to a great season.

The Lake Nona High School Weightlifting team will continue to work hard, get stronger at practice, and improve their skills as the days go by, with a lot of practice and dedication, the players will meet their goals.


Landon Savage, a Sophomore who is on the weightlifting team. It is his passion, and it gives him an opportunity to shine. He hopes to have a good year with the school team and end successfully.


Coach Robinson, the weightlifting team coach. He looks forward to starting the season off great and finishing stronger.