Lions' Legend

Band at the end of the night at Oviedo performing their music. (creds: IG: lnhs_band_official)

Band’s comp against Oviedo

October 22, 2018

Band had their third competition against Oviedo High School on October, Saturday 6th . They performed f...

( Mrs. Chase, Brenden Friedel 11, Sabrina Henson 10, Jackie Jara 12, Dante Fisher 10, Chijioke Oparaji 9) Mrs. Chase and Brenden Friedel speaking to the cast about what they need to improve on as a whole; In the auditorium on stage and off stage during rehearsals.

Behind the curtain: These teams make the theater come to life

October 5, 2018

Lead performers from the theater department get all the praise, but the rarely celebrated are the techn...

The cast of Troupe 7434: The Family We Chose

One night only theater performance celebrating 10 years

October 4, 2018

The theater department is celebrating Lake Nona High School’s 10 year anniversary with a one night on...

Martha Chang and Monica Leimer receives an invitation for Lake Nona

Band’s Special Invitation

October 2, 2018

All band students attended an important ceremony on Monday, September 24. Students had to miss 5-7 pe...

Band's Last MPA Of The Year

Band’s Last MPA Of The Year

March 7, 2018

Band students had their last MPA of this school year on Thursday, March 1. Symphonic and wind ensemble ...

Chorus Trip

Chorus Trip

February 23, 2018

Chorus took their class, Lake Nona Singers on a field trip up north. They went to Alabama, Tennessee...

Theatre This Year

February 19, 2018

Mrs. Copie is the Lake Nona’s Theatre teacher. Students practice memorizing lines and scripts, and they use...

What Chorus is All About

What Chorus is All About

February 11, 2018

Mr. Chase and Mr. Maxy are the teachers for Lake Nona High chorus classes. Students who are in chorus lear...

Troupe 7434 Thespian Benefit

Troupe 7434 Thespian Benefit

February 2, 2018

Students from troupe 7434 from theatre had hosted an event called “Thespian Benefit.” It featured all of ...

Introduction to Band

Introduction to Band

January 26, 2018

Mrs. Leimer is the Lake Nona’s band teacher. In band, students practice music, and learn steps to march...

Background Information and Cast List for Aida

Background Information and Cast List for Aida

January 19, 2018

Lake Nona will be showing their spring musical this year called “Aida.” Show dates will be starting Fri...

Aida Auditions and Dates

Aida Auditions and Dates

January 12, 2018

Auditions for Aida, a spring musical coming up in April has started. Mrs. and Mrs Chase, the chorus ...