No Pain No Gain

Wrestling isn’t only competing on the mat, these wrestlers have to put in the dedication to train, practice, and push themselves everyday during their practice and during their own time.

Rachel Mansour

   Wrestlers train during their season in and out of practice to become better, and stronger, and be prepared for their matches and competitions. “I’ll wake up every weekday at 4:30 to work on my cardio, there I’ll do a routine that I’ve made that consists of an airdyne bike, the elliptical, sprints, rowing machine, and jump ropes. My next use of training would be wrestling practice which is everyday after school, where we work heavily on technique and strength and conditioning. After practice, I’ll then make my way back to the gym to work on bodybuilding, working out each muscle group throughout the week,” Mikey Quinones (12) said.     These athletes are preparing themselves everyday, 24/7 they are eating certain ways and making changes in their lives to be prepared and ready to compete. “Before a match I’m watching what I eat and how much fluids I’m drinking because if I’m not within my weight class I am not able to go against my opponent. Afterwards I eat as much as I can so I regenerate the lost calories and lost protein. then I make sure to drink lots of electrolytes so I am not dehydrated,” Jake Negron (10) said.     Getting your head in the game is a very important part of this sport, not only do they have to practice technique and moves they also have to practice having the right mindset and focus. “Preparing for a match consists of keeping your body warm. Light jogging, stretching, and breathing. To be best prepared for a match you must understand how to prepare yourself mentally. This is something I still struggle with and is a part of the process of growth. Reminding yourself of why you’re there and the purpose you’re serving helps keep you locked in and ready,” Milana Borrelli (10) said.
While these athletes go above and beyond to train and prepare themselves for matches. They also have to be in the right mentality which can sometimes be even harder than their training.

One of the wrestling team players beginning a match.
One of the wrestling team players having her opponent pinned to the ground.
Wrestling team training and weight lifting.