Coach Acevedo’s Goals For Improvement

The goals that Coach Acevedo has set for the improvement of the soccer team.

  Coach Acevedo is busy preparing the Lake Nona High Schools boy’s soccer team so they can successfully represent our school this season. Coach Acevedo is working diligently to instill life skills such as these in his players as well as prepare his team to face off against other high school teams throughout the state. 

  Mr. Acevedo is a first-time coach that shows a great level of care and dedication to his team. He not only wants to focus on technique but also encourages his players to do their best on the field. 


  “Our team should excel in the classroom and on the pitch this season. Our main goal is to represent the Lake Nona Soccer program with integrity on and off the field. With respect to the game we love, building character and comradery is essential to our success as a soccer family,” Acevedo said.  Though most people only focus on what to improve on as a player or what other players can improve on, Acevedo believes that there is always area for improvement. Whether that’s learning how to be more coachable or how to keep a positive attitude during a rough game. Acevedo and the players on his team look forward to having a successful season, partially by showing their perseverant character through balancing academics and sports. 


   “Just continue to work hard and stay focused on the task at hand. I would love to see all of our players make the jump to our varsity team this upcoming school year,” Acevedo said.  This new season of boys’ soccer has Acevedo’s hopes up because of his excitement to see new potentially skilled soccer players. His mission is to make his team strong and have a solid foundation going into the season against various other talented teams. Acevedo sets the highest expectation for his players to achieve the varsity level this upcoming school year. 


   “We’ve built a team centered on friendship and love for the game. I am extremely proud of the young men that represent us and it is a blessing to be their coach. I look forward to being back next year,” Acevedo said.   Acevedo has a plan for his incoming students this soccer season. With a few games coming up these next two weeks, we will see the potential and the skill of Lake Nona’s boy’s soccer this new season. 

(Alejandro Arvelo Graduated in 2022 with another player)
(Alejandro Arvelo Graduated in 2022)