Girls Basketball Season has Begun

The Lake Nona High School Girls Varsity Basketball Team is Back

Mattie Schultz

On December 12th, Lake Nona’s varsity basketball team suffered an 80-31 defeat to Hagerty High in a road non-conference game. As the basketball season began, the girls have worked their hardest to improve and work on the skills they need to play the best they can.


The team has practiced extremely hard, from try-outs to current day. Before games, they run drills and practice plays to get their bodies ready and to get their adrenaline running right before their game. “We do a lot of basic training in practice working specifically on the right wa to dribble and shoot. We also do some running as well to keep pir endurance up during the games,” Kennedy McQuillan (11)  said. 


At the game versus Hagerty High School, an injury occurred; the players bounced back to try to play to the best of their ability even though they were a player down, it was a loss, 80-31. .


“A girl went up for a layup and I was behind her and when she came down she elbowed me in the nose.” Kennedy McQuillan (11)  said. 


“Lately we have had a lot of injuries but our team still pushes through,” Kennedy McQuillian (11) said. 


Despite the injuries, each player is there for one another to boost and bring motivation after a fault. 

The team supports and encourages one another at every game, practice, and reunion. “The girls we have and we still work hard and give our all each game.” Kennedy McQuillan (11) said. 


Their next game will go up against Lake Buena Vista High on January 28th. The girls will continue to run practice drills, hold community meets, and learn to play with different techniques to improve their own skills for this next game.