2018-2019 school year is halfway over

What are students doing to prepare?


Kendyl Hodges, Writer

The end of the semester is near, and students are finding the best way to prepare. So far, many people are stressing over how to get their grades up. Fortunately, there are several ways to make this happen.


“I’ve gone to my counselor to figure the best thing to do to get my grades up, and I’d say that the best things to do are to make sure to turn in all your missing work, and study for the end of the semester tests, because those affect your grade,” Junior Alexander Disla said.


A great number of students are also accepted into the spring semester of dual enrollment at Valencia college and are preparing for that next step.


“Reflecting on my first year doing some classes at Valencia, I’d say that my biggest downfall was not keeping up with all of the work. For the next semester, I’m gonna really focus on keeping up and paying enough attention because the work is extremely tedious, and this next semester is important,” Sophomore Gabby Stinson said.


While some are still struggling and getting back up, others are using the same strategies they’ve always used to get through school, and they’re still working.


“Throughout all my years attending school, I’ve always maintained a high grade point average, and I think the main reason is because of effort, not because of how smart I am. With effort, you can get pretty much anything done,” Sophomore Victoria Hammond said.


The best thing you can do is to take a big step back, relax and think about what parts of your school routine are missing. Less procrastination, less sleeping in class, and more effort to do your best is the recipe for success.