Learning to connect with Rick Brunson

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Associate instructor at University of Central Florida, Rick Brunson, hosted a lesson about interviewing during journalism classes at Lake Nona High.


Brunson teaches reporting, editing, journalism principles and ethics, as well as magazine production at UCF.


“Listening to him helped me a lot, for my next interview I now know what to look for,” LNHS News staffer Kendyl Hodges said.


Brunson stressed the idea of connecting with the subject as a person, not just as another story. He also stressed the importance of  background research and to have questions ready so you won’t go blindly into the interview.


“Dig deep down and find what makes them excited, don’t bore them with questions they’ve heard a million times before.” Brunson said.


With a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in journalism, and a master’s degree in American History, Brunson has recently reached 30 years of instruction. His visit to Journalism Instructor Bill Mason’s classes, gave students the chance to learn different ways to approach interviews.