Why the Do More Club Was Founded

How one student was inspired to help his peers become more successful

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Why the Do More Club Was Founded

Brianna Jacobs

Brianna Jacobs

Brianna Jacobs

Brianna Jacobs, Writer

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It was the summer of his eighth grade year when Corey Brewer, now a senior, was inspired with the idea of “doing more.” He had been boredly sitting at his computer, when he came across a video so inspirational, it made the hairs on his arms stand up.

“I [was] like the common student, going to school dreading it, counting down the seconds until I was finally out of session only to procrastinate on my homework, doing nothing,” Brewer stated.

That video produced by Casey Neistat however, shifted Brewer’s perspective. Neistat, a filmmaker, was given a budget by Nike to create a video that promoted their Nike Plus Fuelband and explained what it means to “make it count.” He spent that money travelling the world in the span of ten days and the end product was a video that has been viewed more than 28 million times.

Brewer feels that he received a gift of opportunity, and wants to help other people by sharing the process he went through.

“The important thing to know is that I wasn’t always the student that got involved, helped others, and achieved highly in my pursuits,” he said.

“In my hopes to contribute to the development of a more successful society, I figured why not make this club in order to spread the message behind doing more.”

Brewer hopes that his club, the Do More, will give him the opportunity to share his story through the many lessons he has learned.
“I plan to decrease the number of students performing perfunctory behavior. By the time I graduate I would like to leave a legacy that hopefully continues, perhaps create an outline to go by. At some point, there would be at least one Do More Representative in every class at school present to be a mentor and provide help to people.”

Julio-Enrique Guerrero, senior, is a member and when asked about why he decided to join, he said, “Corey is a good friend of mine and when he informed me about the club he was building, I knew I had to join and support him.”

Guerrero also said that the message was behind Do More, which is about doing more in the community and helping each other in all aspects, is just something he was all about and another great reason to join.

“We focus small. We look to benefit each other and do more for ourselves by setting goals, making impacts on ourselves and each other.”

Another member, Melissa Colón, sophomore, loves the club as well.

“I like the message that was given. I came to one of the first meetings and got hooked. I honestly like about how we talk about anything. I love the support we all have and how freely we can talk about it.”

The Do More club plans on making bigger impacts on the community, and as Guerrero stated, they have to “start small to build big.” Sponsored by Mr. Saint-Victor, they meet in room 615 every Thursday during both A and B lunches.