Chickens Be Out Here!

Cluck cluck are the sounds that students can hear as they walk on the first floor from building 500 to 400 and they wouldn’t be imagining it because to the right of them, indeed will be some hens


Corey Brewer

This is Kevin, because he is Kevin.

Corey Brewer, Writer

Why would there be chickens on campus? Well, this is to provide a hands-on experience for students taking classes in the Agricultural Sciences. They come as a donation from Miss Mohika, a former urban farm owner that happened to be a friend of the head of the agriculture department here at Lake Nona High School, Mrs. Grey.

“Students are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the cages. They do it in shifts organized by period,” says the head of the agriculture department, Mrs. Grey.

The students themselves also see it as a great opportunity to get out of the classroom and apply what they’ve learned in their lessons.

“The best part is when we get to take them out for exercise,” says a senior from the agriculture department.

According to Mrs. Grey, the students take part in a process called “Low-Stress Livestock Handling,” where the chickens are directed by manipulating their flight zone. All this curriculum is backed up and taken into a competition by the largest student-run organization, FFA. This club is one that holds its mission to educate students about the wide variety of topics covered in agricultural sciences.

Mrs. Grey is delighted to provide her students with “a qualification for a certification exam for the industry once the course is completed.”

The club is inviting everyone interested to a meeting as a Thanksgiving feast after school, Wednesday, November 14th. The diverse officers are bringing food from their own cultures and backgrounds.

Currently Mrs. Grey is running a fundraiser to help fund the maintenance of the hens’ health by selling yummy low carb and low-fat meat sticks during school hours in room 419.