A Star Is Born belts a showstopper

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is a serious award season contender.

A Star Is Born belts a showstopper

Wesley Torres, Writer

The newly released A Star Is Born marks the fourth time this story is told on the big screen and it’s the best version. Bradley Cooper stars as Jackson Maine, a fading country rockstar with a drinking problem who finds Ally (Lady Gaga), a natural singer and amazing songwriter. The film revolves around him helping her rise to stardom while battling his own demons. It’s a heartbreaking story about fame and addiction that doesn’t just feel like a remake for the sake of more money.

This is Cooper’s first time as director and he knocks it out of the park. The cinematography is outstanding and the way the camera moves makes it a more personal movie. He also gives one of the best performances of the year and you genuinely feel bad for him even with all of his screwups.  This also marks Lady Gaga’s first major motion picture debut and she’s the standout of the film. Her singing alone is enough to make you emotional then you add the fact that she’s a great actress and you end up bawling your eyes out. She deserves every award for her performance.

You can’t talk about this movie without bringing up the soundtrack. Luckily for everyone’s ears, Bradley Cooper is actually an amazing singer. The combination of Cooper and Gaga makes for great music that you can listen to on repeat. The fact that the songs were recorded live on set also helps.

A Star Is Born is one of the best movies of the year and an instant classic. It’s going to get nominated for every major Oscar and deserves to win a couple. Bradley Cooper should be praised for everything he did with this movie. Everyone should go out and see it as soon as possible, but remember to bring the tissues because the last fifteen minutes will kill you.

Rating: A+