Have your voice be heard in Real Talk

Real Talk Club: A place any student can turn for positivity


(Osvaldo Jimenez 12, Paola Muñoz 9, Alejandra Rivas 11) The president speaking to the other students in the class; in room 521 after school.

Sophia Esteban, Writer

Many teens feel like they have nowhere to turn when it comes to talking about things like mental health or personal issues, but the Real Talk club wants to change that.

Lake Nona High School’s Real Talk club is a haven for anyone who wants to reflect and discuss personal experiences from depression to self esteem issues.

“The club is called Real Talk because we put the ‘real’ in Real Talk,” spokesperson of Real Talk Valentina Diaz said. “We talk, and we speak facts, and we’re honest with each other because honesty is the best policy and that’s the way we should live life.”

Diaz says the goal of the club is to create an environment that feels like a family where everyone can speak freely and confide in one another. The club is open to all and doesn’t target specific students—everyone is welcomed at Real Talk.

“A lot of clubs direct themselves towards certain people but our club is basically directed to everybody,” the club’s president Osvaldo Jimenez said. “We want everybody to come!” With a mission to create an open group for any students to turn to, the club hopes to impact lives positively. “We want to create an environment where it’s like a family and change people’s lives.”

Students find common ground with peers they may not have met otherwise by joining the club every Thursday in room 521.

Jimenez wants those still undecided about joining the club to not be afraid.

“This club is about positivity and realness, and that’s why it’s called Real Talk.”