Katelynn Rodriguez making an impact on JV football

Lions football adds a lionness to the pride

Daniela Silva, Sports Writer

For the first time in school history, a Lioness has joined Lions football. Junior, Katelynn Rodriguez is changing the game for the “male” sport.

Rodriguez watched the love her brothers and her father had for the game as she was growing up. She developed the same love and began playing at the age of seven.

Rodriguez moved from Downtown Orlando to Lake Nona two years ago. Although it is a drastic change for her, her strength and perseverance helped in trying out for the Lions football team.

“People took me as a joke. Some coaches looked the other way when they saw me,” Rodriguez said.

The doubt of her peers only motivated her more to prove everyone wrong. It took hours of training and hard work, but Rodriguez earned the respect of her coaches and teammates.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. She puts the work in and that’s all that matters,” JV captain, Dorian Brignole said.

A friendship within teammates is always an incredible thing to have, Rodriguez and her teammates have created an unbreakable bond. She describes it as a brother and sister bond.  

Rodriguez’s goal is to play on varsity next season but overall she dreams of playing college ball and being blessed with a scholarship. Although her height and weight limit her ability to be a right guard and middle linebacker college, she still chases after her dream with everything she has.

“I’m just here to play the game,” Rodriguez said.