Gym floor still under renovation

Summer storms cause thousands of dollars worth of damage

Kendyl Hodges, Writer

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Halfway through the first semester and we are still unable to utilize the school gym. It has been under renovation because of a leak from the roof. Over the summer, with all of the storms, water collected on the gym floor, ruining most of the wood and bleachers, making it unusable.

Bill Mason
Gym floor being redone.

Students are most disappointed about the situation,. The gym is where a lot of activities take place.

“I miss being able to use the gym almost everyday for my physical education classes and the pep rallies, I can’t wait until it’s done. The school just isn’t the same without it,” sophomore Malia Kaaihue said.

Students involved in physical education classes are forced to take their activities to other parts of the school, such as the weight room, cardio room, tennis and basketball courts, the side grass field, and the track.

“It’s unfortunate that it happened, but the school administration has done a great job coordinating the repairs and supporting the PE department,” physical education teacher Alan Lambert said.

School staff are also being supportive.

“The only sport that was really hindered was girls volleyball, and they’ve done a great job accommodating. They’re practicing at Lake Nona Middle School and playing their home games at Odyssey,” Athletic Director Andrew Chiles said.

There are also positive aspects to the floors destruction.

As reported by Lambert, one of the most exciting things about the renovation is the new gym floor, which are the same type of floors used at the International Space Station and their basketball gym!

According to Chiles the gym is supposed to be completed and ready to be used again in late October/Early November.

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