Behind the curtain: These teams make the theater come to life

Spotlight on the tech team


( Mrs. Chase, Brenden Friedel 11, Sabrina Henson 10, Jackie Jara 12, Dante Fisher 10, Chijioke Oparaji 9) Mrs. Chase and Brenden Friedel speaking to the cast about what they need to improve on as a whole; In the auditorium on stage and off stage during rehearsals.

Sophia Esteban, Writer

Lead performers from the theater department get all the praise, but the rarely celebrated are the technicians behind the scenes. What we don’t see behind the curtains of a production are the teams of technicians who work together to ensure everything runs smoothly. They do it all from building sets the actors use to making sure mics work.

Overseeing the props and set pieces for this year’s productions make sure actors don’t have to work too hard.

“Without us, actors would be standing and yelling off the stage with nothing behind them and would have to strain their voices every single performance,” technician junior Jaelyn Serrano said. 

The different departments (tech, build, lighting, sound, costume, and props) are  are the backbone of each show.

Each job takes hard work and dedication. 

Being a technician is not as easy as people think. You have to be willing to put in hard work to put on a great show.

“There’s a lot of 10-to-12s which is when you work 10 hours and get 2 hours off for lunch, so that’s a lot of stress,” Sound designer junior Brenden Friedel said.

The tech teams have many late nights, especially when opening night nears. They must be ready to handle last minute changes, which Serrano and Friedel agree can be very stressful.

While the actors on stage work hard to learn their lines and choreography, there are two misconceptions about joining a tech team: It’s boring and it’s not as fun as being a lead performer. Tech is so much more than people think of it to be. Serrano says both assumptions are anything but true.

“Not many people realize how much tech does. They don’t realize how fun it is because they just think you’re doing math, lifting heavy things and it’s boring. Different departments like the sound department and the audio department work with a bunch of equipment like microphones. You work with lighting designs, and you make different lighting choices that change the entire mood of the whole scene,” Serrano said.

All these teams, while behind the scenes, have one goal in common. Their objective is to put on a smooth production so that the actors can look and sound their best on stage. Without these technicians, Lake Nona High School’s theater department would be nonexistent.

“Tech is the foundation of the theater department. We are the ones in charge of making sure everyone on stage looks and sounds good,” Friedel said.