Band’s Special Invitation

Martha Chang and Monica Leimer receives an invitation for Lake Nona

Martha Chang and Monica Leimer receives an invitation for Lake Nona "Sound of the Lions" marching band to attend the 34th annual New Year's parade and festival to be held in London, England in January 2020.

Sarah Losada

All band students attended an important ceremony on Monday, September 24. Students had to miss 5-7 periods and go to A lunch. When A lunch ended, all students reported back to the class for a pre-meeting. Leimer sent them to dress into their band shirts and retrieve their instruments. When they were done, they all headed down to the auditorium.

In the beginning, Leimer moved students to their correct places. Color Guard was there too, for cheering. When she was done they did a few practice rounds with their music. They got into their positions and started with the opening of Les Miserables and then played the fight song.

After they finished, Monica Leimer introduced two people up on the stage. Bob Bone, executive director of the London’s New Year’s event, and Counselor Robert Davis, deputy leader, an ambassador for the event. “London is the second greatest city in the world to celebrate the New Year’s Day parade and festival,” says Mr. Bone. The event is on January the first of 2020 that will be taking place outside of the famous Ritz hotel, one of the grandest hotels in the world.

Counselor Robert Davis then spoke about the history of England. He invited Lake Nona Lions Band to attend London’s New Year’s event from December 27, 2019, to January 3, 2020. Every single act that gets invited has to receive an invitation from senior patrons. Students can’t apply, they’re hand selected by a committee by talent scouts. Other information will come later.

“I’m very very excited, this is an incredible opportunity for our band to be attending!” says Monica Liemer.   

“This is so exciting! I definitely want to go,” says Tyler Fox, 10.

Monica Leimer and Martha Chang both received a framed invitation. After the ceremony was over, students received small British flags and got the opportunity to take pictures with Counselor Robert Davis. Everyone waved their flags in the air to celebrate.