Gym ruined, blessing in disguise?

With the gym being flooded, the school looked to the House of Blues to save homecoming.

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Gym ruined, blessing in disguise?

Tyler Everett, Writer

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This summer the gym flooded due to a roof leak from one of Florida’s afternoon downpours. The gym is sill in the process of being fixed in hopes of being done before basketball season.

Unfortunately, the gym will not be fixed before the homecoming dance that was supposed to happen this Saturday, Sept 29. This sounds like awful news, but was it really a blessing?

SGA decided the House of Blues hosting this years homecoming dance. The House of Blues is a more interesting alternative compared to the school gym.

“With the increased spirit of Lake Nona and it’s ever growing size, we wanted something that could fit our school population and just create an atmosphere, where kids can get away from school and have a good time,” Lake Nona Student Government President, Connor Darwish said.

“Unfortunately, with the gym flooding happening in the middle of summer, and our homecoming date already being reported to FHSAA, our homecoming football game and spirit week couldn’t be pushed back to when House of Blues was available.”  Principle Martha Chang said.

The earliest date available is October 27th and SGA booked it right away.

“We wanted homecoming to be this upcoming weekend, but this was the earliest available date and we did the best we could,”  Chang said.

According to Darwish, The House of Blues was the cheapest option at around $15,000. Another venue considered was the Orlando International Airport, however the airport has an age restriction, 18 and older.

This new twist to homecoming may lead to the best homecoming dance Lake Nona has ever had. All thanks to a huge rainstorm.

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