The Predator is an amazing tone deaf mess

Is a great cast and notalgia enough to carry Shane Black's most recent film?

The Predator is an amazing tone deaf mess

Wesley Torres, Writer

The Predator is the latest installment in another franchise that just can’t seem to go away and it’s a mess. The movie picks up right from the start and never gives you a chance to breathe. The convoluted plot consists of a predator coming to Earth to give humans a gift but in the process killing as many humans as possible, an alpha predator who has space dogs, a ragtag team of ex-soldiers who all have a death wish, and a child who automatically understands the predator’s language. There’s so much going on that it’s hard to focus on one part of the story. It’s more of a series of events that are just mashed together without being connected.

The all star cast however saves this film. The film stars Sterling K. Brown (who plays a bad guy?), Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, and Olivia Munn, and they all do a stellar job. When the whole cast gets together to mess around, it’s gold on screen. The person who stands out the most to me though is national treasure, Jacob Tremblay. This 11 year old stood next to some of the best actors in the business and brought it. This is thanks to Shane Black, the writer and director. The dialogue throughout is classic Shane Black and feels like an ’80’s action movie.

The problem with the movie is how it was cut up after filming. It’s clear that the studio took what Shane Black originally had in mind and altered it. This results is a movie with two different visions of what it wants to be. You can really see this in the last act of the movie, which was entirely reshot after test audiences didn’t like the first version.

Even though it seems like a bunch of jumbled thoughts that they thought would be cool to see in a movie, it’s still a fun time. The action is done well and they really don’t hold back on the gore. If you want to completely shut off your brain for two hours and have a couple of good laughs, this is the movie for you.

Rating: C-