Honoring K’vonte Dowe’s Memory


A Bouquet and candle from the vigil

Kiana Fernandez, Writer

In honor of K’vonte Dowe, a vigil was held and not only was the vigil held in his memory it was also held to give emotional support of those grieving. The vigil was held on February 9 from 7-9 PM. Close to 22 people attended, including Dowe’s mother, who flew in from St. Thomas. A small memorial of items from the vigil is held in Room 521 in his remembrance.

Dowe moved to Florida back in October after the hurricanes Irma and Maria had beaten down the US Virgin Islands. Though he arrived later in the school year, he still made several impacts on different individuals. Friends recall the time they met Dowe.

“He was always so friendly, goofy, always gave good advice, and he would show us new things we didn’t know about. He was always the live person of the group.” Marisol Rivera (12) states.

“Before we even met he bought me Wendy’s, I wasn’t serious about it though and I couldn’t actually go to get it so he had to give it to a completely random person,” Victoria Medina (11) reminisces the happy memory.

Rivera, the coordinator of the vigil, said, “I wanted people to know that was someone who left a mark on multiple people. It’s not everyday that we gather around as a community and if we do it’s because something happened, but when we do it opens our eyes.” Rivera states. Vigil or no vigil, K’vonte will not be forgotten and will live within our hearts forever.