Will The Shape Of Water Swim Away With Best Picture?

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Will The Shape Of Water Swim Away With Best Picture?

Wesley Torres, Writer

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The 90th annual Oscars are right around the corner and it is the biggest award show of the year. There are always passionate people who argue about it every year and this year is no exception. After last year’s Best Picture fiasco, they have to find a way to top it. But it will probably be the same old thing as usual. They will celebrate great movies that came out in wide release from late November to January with the exceptions of Get Out and Dunkirk. The same people will get snubbed, the safe choices are going to win, and the Oscar bait movies will get a couple of trophies. The Academy is still the same Academy but there are some major nominations this year that are huge steps to making the Oscars what they should be. Rachel Morrison is the first female to be nominated for cinematography, Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele were both nominated for Best Director, A Fantastic Woman has a good chance of winning best foreign film, and Coco, an animated movie about Mexico, is going to win Best Animated Film. These are progressive moves that they are making and it shows a real change in the award show.


The big six, which are Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Supporting Actor, are always the focus of the Oscars. The categories for those are all basically locked in and there probably will not be any surprises in the major categories this year.


The Shape of Water will deservingly win Best Picture this year, but Get Out does have an outside chance of surprising everyone. Guillermo Del Toro will also win Best Director for making a masterpiece in The Shape of Water without a doubt in my mind. He absolutely deserves the win and it will be a good moment for him and Oscar history.


Frances McDormand will probably win Best Actress for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and she did give a great performance. I would prefer Sally Hawkins who gave one of the best performances of last year without saying a word in The Shape Of Water, or Saoirse Ronan who I related to the most with her performance in Lady Bird, but they were all brilliant this year. Best Supporting Actress is also leaning toward Allison Janney for I, Tonya, but Laurie Metcalf from Lady Bird is my pick and has a good chance of winning too.


Gary Oldman is another lock for Best Actor for his performance as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. He gave one of the top two performances of the year, but this is more of a career Oscar. In all of his career he has never won an Oscar and rightfully deserves one, so he will win this year. Timothee Chalamet also have a moving performance in Call Me By Your Name and probably got a lot of votes but not enough to win. I have to mention that the Academy snubbed Jake Gyllenhaal once again for his role in Stronger. He is one of the best actors alive and deserves a nomination for most movies he does but the Academy still doesn’t like him for some reason. Best Supporting Actor will go to Sam Rockwell who has won every other major award this season. Rockwell has been a terrific character actor for years and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Willem Dafoe would win this year if it wasn’t for Rockwell for his great role in The Florida Project.


The smaller categories like Makeup, Costumes, and Production Design are usually easy to predict based on what the movie is based on. Darkest Hour is going to win Makeup because Gary Oldman was in makeup the whole time, Phantom Thread is going to win Costumes because the whole movie revolves around clothes, and Production Design should go to Blade Runner 2049 but The Shape of Water will probably win because the world is not fair. Original Screenplay is the toughest category to predict because they are all amazing scripts from great movies. I would like Lady Bird to win but Get Out will probably take it. Adapted Screenplay was also a category that made history, nominating Logan, a superhero movie. The award should go to Call Me By Your Name though, a masterpiece that has a solid script. My personal favorite, Cinematography, will go to Roger Deakins for his excellent work on Blade Runner 2049. Deakins has been nominated fourteen times and this would be his first win that he so rightfully deserves.


The major issues that will be addressed this year are the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. Leaders of the organization have revealed that there will be a dedicated Time’s Up moment during the ceremony. Hopefully there is an in memoriam for the Weinstein’s and Kevin Spacey’s career. The past few months there has been the biggest change in Hollywood ever. People aren’t afraid to speak out anymore. We finally live in a time where sexual harassment is no longer tolerated. This past award season has been the starting point of all of these movements. Time’s Up was first done on the red carpet for the Golden Globes with everyone wearing black and pins in support of the closing the pay gap, victims of sexual harassment, and ending the problems with Hollywood in general. The movement has also changed up major nominations this year. The sexual harassment allegations against James Franco was a huge factor in him and The Disaster Artist not being nominated. It shows that no one can get away with this anymore, no matter how famous you are.


The Oscars are still Hollywood patting themselves on the back for the great work they did the past year and that will never change. But the reason why people love it so much, including myself, is that it gives certain people the recognition they deserve. This award is what most people in the film industry strive for. That thirteen inch statue shows that all of the sacrifices that they made to get there were worth it. While the Academy does the same old thing, the winners will feel a sense of accomplishment and joy that they have never felt before. The Oscars are live on Sunday at 8 on ABC.

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