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Giving it my all

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Going through hard times makes you stronger, makes you strive to be the best, and makes you give 100% all the time. Randy Whyte is one of those who took grasp of an opportunity to not just play the sports he loves but give back to the ones he loves.

Randy comes from a small town in Jacksonville, FL where he lived until the end of his 8th-grade year. High school came fast and right before his freshman year he moved to Orlando, FL with his Aunt and Uncle due to good opportunities. Leaving his mother and sisters at a young age had a huge impact on his life, it made him want to do better and be better. For the past 4 years, Randy has been attending Lake Nona high where he plays football and basketball while being surrounded and supported by his close friends that are like family. Randy is a senior now and has some big decisions to make regarding his future. Starting his junior year he started playing football as a cornerback and these past two years playing have been very successful for him.

When Randy started playing football he knew he wanted to play in college. From that day on he always put in the extra work, tries his absolute best every play, and wakes up every morning at 5:00 a.m. before school to workout, knowing it all won’t come easy. All that hard work paid off when Randy received two scholarships. One from Quincy University and another from Olivet Nazarene University.

Randy stated “My biggest motivator is my mom because I remember when I was little all the sacrifices she made and the things she gave up for me and my sisters. With the lack of a good fatherly figure, my mom struggled to support us and be able to give us the things that we wanted. This really pushed me to try and get my mother a better life, so I strive to be the best and give 100% every day at what I love.”

In college, Randy wants to major in business and marketing and this is a big decision when choosing a school. Randy is undecided where he wants to go to but he’s looking for a school that offers him both the athletes and academics that he’s looking for.

Through Randy’s journey, he has always had a very big supporter and that is his uncle.

“My uncle comes to every game and he has even joined the basketball program to be there with me through everything,” he said.

Nothing comes easy and Randy has proven that you have to work hard and give 100% all the time to be good, it is never just handed to you.

Randy stated, “Through this whole process I have learned if you stay focused and believe in god and play with a chip on your shoulder while giving it your all you will be given great opportunities.”

Randy has a bright future ahead with much success to come. He was given an opportunity and made something big out of it. With motivation and the strive to play the sports, he loves and mindset of being able to support his family in the future has brought him a long way. Randy will continue to grow and prosper into who he’s always wanted to be and hopefully make his dreams become reality.

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2 Responses to “Giving it my all”

  1. Mia Wolfe on February 13th, 2018 7:36 pm

    Awesome accomplishment young man, this is only the beginning, God bless you on your journey!!

  2. Ronald Wolfe on February 13th, 2018 7:55 pm

    Randy we couldn’t be more proud. You earned it and deserve it. Glad you stayed focus and put the hard work in to see that it will pay off in the end. It was a pleasure working with your Uncle coaching you during the summer and becoming family with you. Keep God first and continue to seek Him first and His kingdom and His righteousness and everything you need will be added unto you! Matt 6:33. Love you son remember no limits keep striving for greatness!

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