The Sound Of The Lions march their way onto Competition

Beatrice DeOliveira


The marching band performs their show, wins awards, and more.

On October 23rd at Tarpon Springs High School, The Sound of The Lions marched their full show (Dare Mighty Things) at competition. This was a night and a memory to never forget for everyone in and outside of the marching band, especially the seniors because they performed their last competition this year. Since people missed the show on Saturday, people can still watch the performance on the marching band google drive. The link is:

First,  I interviewed some people from The Sound of The Lions marching band and they all said they were really excited for the competition. Mr. Cendan, the associate band director, says that he looks forward to getting a lot of feedback at the competition because “I think we always want to try and get better, to try and make the show better.” “I think always getting more feedback and seeing other eyes on us, Mr. Weintraub and I see the show every day and we’re letting someone give us a fresh perspective that in time will make us so much better.” Moreover, the outcome Cendan wants for the marching band is for them to enjoy themselves and each other, get something positive out of it, to work harder, and have a good performance because they could look back on it after they graduate or when going to the next grade and see that they have done a good performance. Another outcome Cendan wants is that all the seniors may look back upon their competition performance and see all the positive things that happened.

Secondly, I interviewed Isabelle Rodriguez, a senior at LNHS, and the Head Drum Major for The Sound of The Lions. She says she is really happy that she gets to perform at the competition again. Rodriguez says “I guess excited to see what the audience reaction will be. To have the other bands watch and see that our performance will be very interesting and to see us actually performing it and to show the audience how much work that we put into this show will be really exciting to see.” Isabelle said that she definitely thinks this whole competition is a practice run for MPA (Music Performance Assessment) because “you know we are performing for tons of bands and we are also getting to see other people and receive feedback and I think this is a practice run for when we head to MPA.” Also, Rodriguez thinks the marching band is more than well prepared for competition because they worked very hard this season and did a lot of run throughs and practices to get where they are currently.

In conclusion, from all the people that I have interviewed and that are not in this article, they all want the audience and themselves to enjoy the show with their peers and band staff. To allow them to look back and see all the wonderful things they did. They want people to know that they put their blood, sweat, and tears into this performance. They want people to see how much work and effort The Sound of The Lions marching band put into this show to get where they were from the start of school to the end of the marching season.