Mask Mandate

Mask Mandate 

 Students form a major decision about weather Masks should be mandatory at Lake Nona High School 

By karla ferrer, p.6, 10/20/21

Many peers that attend Lake Nona High school decide if masks should be mandatory for the 2021-2022 school year. Some think it’s a good idea while others think the complete opposite. This is important because it has an impact on our health and the concerns of peers including parents. It also affects  “the popularity of covid Depending on who takes specific measures,” according to 

 A freshman Ornella Furtado thinks, “Masks shouldn’t be mandatory because it’s hard to breathe.” One of her parents,Lila Furtado has the complete opposite opinion. “Masks should be mandatory to ensure the safeness of the kids,” Furtado says. Ashton Hernadez, her father, also agrees that masks should be mandatory.“I want to make sure my child is safe during a global pandemic”,He said. This is an open discussion on whether or not masks should be considered a big deal. This may have a negative affect or positive affect relying on those who take extra caution at school or even anywhere they go.

The decision that our peers make will have an impact on the 2021-2022 school year at Lake Nona High school. It May even get to the percentage where “we go back virtually,’’ according to the Orange County Public Schools department.