Lake Nona soccer final tests starts

Victor Urdaneta

It’s October, and as you know, this is when every school gets ready for the soccer season. Soccer is a very popular sport around all the world and here in Lake Nona we know it. The time of the soccer tryouts has arrived, the final test to see who is ready for the soccer teams, tryouts took place in October. 18-20, in Lake Nona High School football field, nemours stadium. The purpose of tryouts is to help coach Andres Jaramillo to know who can still be on the team and who is showing more potential to be helpful during the season. The requisites for trying out are having a GPA higher than 2.0 and need to turn in hearth and cardiovascular exams to the school’s clinic.


But now after analysing tryouts procedures, let’s check up with some players trying out this year ,  junior Stefano “Topa” Estupinan who says that his inspiration to try out this year was to give himself a check to see where he was compared to others but he never expected to make it to the team. Estupinan Is a casual soccer player, he is not really involved in soccer like many other people are, he basically took the tryouts for fun and to check how his level was. Estupinan is an Ecuadorian guy who has been studying here in Lake Nona since freshman year but soccer tryouts never caught his attention until now.

Pedro “PLC” Leon

But now let’s check up with a more involved soccer player,  junior Jose “Pai” Suarez. Suarez is a Venezuelan who has already tried out for the team the past two years but he hasn’t been successful, he plays in the right or left back position, what this means is basically that he is responsible for defending the right or left side of his team from opponent attackers. For Suarez trying out for the team goes outside the competition, he has more emotions attached to these since he stated that he tried out again for the team, “Because is like a pride to be part of the team and represent Lake Nona and it is very important for me to represent Lake Nona”. Suarez wants to represent his high school team and he knows he is prepared to make it to the team this year to help the team win districts again. For Suarez, some very strong rivals for this year will be Cypress Creek and Freedom High School, since they seem to have new people that can be very dangerous to Lake Nona and all the other teams and because their coaches are very good .


Another student trying out for the team is junior Samuel “Kiko” Vivas who is also someone that is not that involved in playing soccer but also lives soccer as a passion and is trying out for the team again this year. Samuel has been thinking about trying out for the team this year since a month ago, which can tell that the motivation for taking tryouts this year is bigger than other years. Vivas faces a problem that is becoming more common as the time goes. He is a central back but he is not that tall. This is limiting because some coaches rather have taller centre backs, Vivas thinks that this could be a limiting factor for him and when he did a self examination to know whether he thinks he will make it to JV or varsity he said  “JV because I’m short compared to other players in t

Pedro “PLC” Leon and Jose “Pai” Suarez

he position I play”.

Junior Pedro “PLC” Leon tried out for the team this year and thinks this is the best opportunity for him since there are only 5 goalkeepers besides him this year. Leon explained how he overcame the problem of being really short compared to other goalkeepers, he said the important thing is “Making a lot of effort to anticipate my opponents and having good stretching”. In conclusion, Tryouts for this year have the most hype compared to any past year. Other thing to taki on count is the amount of Hispanics trying out for the team, it is good to think that people that are not even from here are proud to represent Lake Nona