You Only Live Once. Be Drug Free!

You Only Live Once. Be Drug Free!

Ashley German

A whole week dedicated towards being drug free from October 25 – October 28. Lake Nona High school has dedicated these days to show our school support for being drug free. The school’s SGA program organized an all inclusive experience. Students showed their support against drugs from Monday October 25th – Thursday October 28th.         

On Monday students were shown some love by wearing team jerseys to “Team up against Drugs” Students were encouraged to come in wearing jerseys from their favorite sports team. On Wednesday we wear RED! Students wore red for “We Are All A Ribbon”. Karla Ferrer a Sophomore, “All of my friends wore red today to stand up against drugs. We want to show everyone around school how we support the fight against drugs.” Students all around school wore red and spread a great deal of awareness. On Thursday October 10th, the last day of the red ribbon week festivities students were permitted to wear a hat/baseball cap to “Put A Cap On Drugs”

On Tuesday sports fans were allowed to wear Sunglasses to “Shade Out Drugs”. Katelyn Garcia, a LNHS sophomore, spoke out about how she shades out drugs, “I don’t do drugs or even associate with friends who do. I really don’t see a need for drugs or other nasty things for your body.” Showing the support of our students and how by bringing sunglasses can bring students together for an important cause.

Over the course of the week the students have shown their support for this amazing cost. Many just laugh and don’t like to support the school spirit. But for some students personal experiences drive them to be drug free and to spread awareness. This entire week is dedicated to show love and support to all of your high school students to stand up against drugs.