Business Owners are Complaining about Students Taking the Parking Spots Made for Customers

Students are causing a scene and local businesses are annoyed with the students. People are parking in the spots designated for customers, and the owners are losing money.     

Nathalia Monteiro Annesi, Author

The parking spots available on campus have to be paid for and some students are trying to not pay. There are many businesses surrounding the school and students are parking their cars in the parking lot. Students in an attempt to save money, are actually having to spend way more money to get their cars back because as long as they don’t have parking permits, their cars are getting towed. Many people have different opinions if students should or shouldn’t be able to park in other establishments. 

Although students have the ability to buy their parking spots and park in their designated spots, they are choosing to violate rules and create chaos with local businesses. When student Amanda Alves(11) was interviewed about her opinion on the topic she said that some people have to ruin something good for everyone else. Assistant principal Bryant was also interviewed and he said “Students are already old enough to take accountability for their actions.”  This has been happening since the start of the school year but it was the last straw recently when businesses really started noticing the money they are losing. Alves said, “students shouldn’t be allowed to keep parking anywhere they want.”

Some people are saying that students who are doing this should get their parking privileges revoked. One student that agreed with this was Amanda Lopes(11) who said “if these people can’t follow basic rules, imagine when they leave school and go into the real world.” Carolinny Freitas(11) also said that these students are undeserving of privileges and having nice things because they don’t know how to deal with that. Principal Chang has gone on the intercom and said that this is causing trouble between the school and the businesses. When asked if they would do the same thing and park in the wrong places, student Lucas Franco(12) said that he would never do that because it is immoral.