Haunted Houses Are Out- Haunted Tents Are In!

India Cadle

Lake Nona High School’s SGA  students organized an event at Lake Nona Middle School for the kids on Oct. 22. It was an event called Haunted Tents that allowed the students and their families to have a little Halloween fun!


Last Friday, Lake Nona Middle School hosted a Halloween event with the help of Lake Nona SGA students. If you are curious as to what Haunted Tents are and the idea behind it, eleventh grader Khadeejah Ahmed explains exactly that. Khadeejah says that they are a fun way to make Haunted Houses, but outside. She also goes on to say that the idea behind it is for people to walk through the haunted tents and observe the horrors and fun inside. “Our goal is to make something fun and spooky for mainly middle schoolers. It would also keep up the Halloween spirit and even though it’s indoors, however, we can ensure you the kids can still have fun. Since school can easily become tough, creating fun events like this helps kids look at school in a positive way” Khadeejah Ahmed shares. 


Behind every idea or event planned out by a group of people, there are expectations that they are willing to achieve. Khadeejah states that they don’t know what to expect since this is their first time hosting this event, however, they are hoping for a good turnout and positive feedback from the tents. Even though the event is taking place at a Middle School, the event was targeted for both kids and family. “The haunted tents and fall festival all together are aimed toward the whole family. There are multiple events within the fall festival that appeal to people of all ages. The haunted tent will probably occupy the kids more however”, Khadeejah says. 


Since this is the first year of the Haunted Tents, thoughts of this event happening next year were in question. Khadeejah says, “We’re not sure yet if we’d do this every October because we’d need to be invited by the LNMS PTSA to participate in it again.” With that being said, Khadeejah shares that the event did not take long to set up at all and that it only took 2 weeks.