Spooky Season

Chandar Greene

It’s that time of the year where everything spooky and frightening make their annual return to scare the pants off anyone who dares to participate.The petrifying holiday is the last one before stores like Walmart put out their Christmas items. Everyone has their own Halloween tradition. Certain Hispanic people celebrate Los De Muertos or day of the dead. It all just depends on culture and background. Some don’t celebrate, they prefer to stay home and pass out candy instead.


Students get to have the best time during Halloween. They have trick or treating, parties, Halloween Horror Nights and a lot more. Logan Epstein, grade 10, was interviewed on his halloween traditions and festivities. When asked what he is going to do for Halloween he said

“I’m gonna stay home and pass out candy and relax.”. When asked what his favorite type of candy was he said “I don’t necessarily have one but if i had to choose, i’d say skittles.” When asked what type of candy he’d pass out he said chocolate. When asked if he was gonna dress up he said no because he’s not a fan of it. When Epstein was questioned on his favorite Halloween movie he said that he was not a fan of movies in general.

Teachers get to show their creative side when it comes to Halloween. Decorating their classrooms and Halloween themed assignments. Ms Timmerman English 2 teacher sat down and asked what her halloween traditions were. Timmerman was asked what her Halloween plans were and she said “I was going to a Halloween party then I’m going home and making a ghost shaped pizza.”. When asked what she would decorate her classroom with, Timmerman said that she would decorate it with an inflatable bat, cobwebs and green slime. Timmerman  was mentioned in her dress up choice and she said a pirate. Then Timmerman was asked if she was going to give her students Halloween themed assignments and she said yes we will be watching Frankenstein and doing a worksheet.