First school play of the year and the backstage crew dedication

By: Chloe Gooding (10)

On October 14 through 17, Lake Nona High School hosted their first school play/performance of the year. ‘Clue: On stage!’ was held in the auditorium and was a huge success. All students and parents were welcome.


A lot of time and dedication went into the making of the play, and Alanna Negron (10), a backstage manager and helper, told us that “This was actually the biggest crew we had for a fall show ever!”. The play was directed by a student and a great production team of all different grades. Mia Muniz (10), another backstage helper told us that “Everyone whether it was on stage, backstage, or in the audience is essential.”


Clue was a very short process in the theater world that took from the second week of school up to the first week of the second quarter to make. A lot of different aspects played a huge part in creating the play. On the biggest night, Sunday the 17th of October, they sold over 400 tickets with 500 being the max. This fall play was such a success and all the backstage crew deserve a big recognition for their hard work and dedication, all of which worth it based on the outcome of the show!