Will girls in Lake Nona High School make it through the tryouts?

Camila Ordonez

In Lake Nona High School, tryouts for girls interested in being part of the basketball team will be concluded soon. Tryouts start on Oct. 25. Lake nona has always provided a place to do many activities like going to after school clubs at school, including soccer, basketball, tennis etc. 


Some of the girls said to feel very stressed because it’s something they wish to be in and will love to assist at every practice so they can support Lake Nona.  Adriana Flores, a senior student, says: “I know it’s just a team and I know there will be other opportunities if I do not get selected and it can be repeated  the next year but either way, I like feeling some stress about it so I do my best in everything and use that stress as a boost of energy. Other girls feel excited about it, they love to work in teams and feel very confident about. Erika Cordera, a sophomore claimed: “I love the activities that this school has to offer, and I really appreciate that they can include basketball for boys and girls.”


On the other hand, to be part of the basketball team you need to have requirements. The requirements start by having an updated physical, ECG Report, and authorization to treat form Authorization for Treatment & Release of Information.pdf if you haven’t done it yet. If students are DENIED, they will receive an email to the email address they created the account with as to why they were denied. The sooner student-athletes create and complete an account, the quicker they will get cleared. Tryouts are  October 25th, 26th, & 28th, 3 pm-5 pm, and October 27th, 2pm – 4 pm in the gymnasium. If there are any concerns please contact Coach Lafayette in room 521. Isabella Petit, a freshman student, said “I feel very ready, I already have all the listed requirements and I’m ready to beat everyone in this school while I give my all in these games, I hope I get into this team!”. 


In conclusion, Nona girls seem very confident and prepared about this event. Everyone is very thankful for the effort and diversity that this wonderful school has to share to their students and administratives in their areas.