Kids are dropped off by parents as they drive in the middle of traffic

Beatrice DeOliveira

Traffic and more are caused by LNHS parents and students, also the people of Lake nona. 

At around 6:45 a.m., parents in traffic are dropping their kids off in the middle of the road at 12500 Narcoossee Rd, causing more traffic and possible accidents that might happen while students jay walk/run across the street thinking they might be late to school.

As I interviewed a couple of people from the Lake Nona area and people who attend LNHS, most of them had the same main concern. First and foremost, I interviewed Majorie DeOliveira, a parent of a student from LNHS, she had said that her main concern about Narcoossee traffic, is that parents are dropping their kids off in front of the school in the middle of the road which can be dangerous for their children and the people surrounding their environment. DeOliveira says, “I think the school should have someone to help the kids cross the road, they cross in the middle of the road….it’s dangerous like it’s bad for the people driving and also for the kids who are crossing in the middle of the road.” She also said, “Traffic is chaotic in the morning at around 6:45, it gets really jammed. And until 7:20….. it’s a whole nightmare.” Experiences with traffic are different for everybody but for Majorie, she said that when she is dropping her kids off at school on a normal day/hour, it would take her about 5 minutes to get to LNHS. But on a jammed day, it would take her over 40 minutes. Due to the restless traffic, its easy to forget what kind of environment people are in. Knowing that, it will allow others to understand that lives can be put in danger just by simply walking across the street. 

Other than parents, I interviewed a couple of students such as Justice Clark who is a 17 year old and is a 12th grade student who attends LNHS and this is what he had to say about the local Narcoossee traffic. Justice stated, “It’s very crowded. There’s always a lot of cars and buses on the road so if you don’t leave early you WILL be late.” He also said that people are not considerate of others and their surroundings when driving such as dropping kids off in the middle of the road and letting them jaywalk. His advice to people on the road when driving their kids or just driving to school is to pay attention, be on guard, and don’t text while driving and don’t drive under the influence of anything. He also states, “I want to tell them to drop them off in the correct spot, they’re half of the reason why traffic is awful in the morning.” In other words, it’s important to stay alert of how other people react on the road for the safety of everyone.

Overall, from all of the students, parents, and teachers that I interviewed, they all want people in traffic to be mindful, responsible, and respectful on the road. It is very dangerous and it will harm people one way or another. It’s important to stay alert while you’re driving for the safety of others, and yourself.