Feelings On Schedule Change

Chandar Greene

Students are placed in classes each year randomly. Students may vote on what classes they receive, but it’s still likely they might not get the class they want. The problem with this is that since students may not be able to take part in a class due to personal problems such as illnesses, the class not being expected, and simply lack of interest. To combat this, the counselors and Ms. Chang has come up with a solution. Students are able to apply for a schedule change to fix their personal problem and find a class more suitable for them. The only downside is that it’s not guaranteed that your request will be approved.


Students are able to submit a change request and are responsible for doing well in their original class until switched to their new class. When they are switched they are now a part of that class.

 Parker Budjack grade 10 was sat down and interviewed on his schedule change request process. When asked why he asked for a class change in the first place. Budjack said because he wanted to get in a class that would help him get into the program he wants to join. Next Budjack was asked about the process of submitting the request. Budjack said it was a very easy process. Then Budjack was asked what made him unhappy about his original class. Budjack said “it wasn’t a prerequisite to the program I wanted to be in.” Next Budjack was asked what his new class was like, budjack said “ It’s pretty good so far.  Finally Budjack was asked what his new class was called. He said it was Health Anatomy/Physiology.


Students aren’t the only ones putting in the work for their classes. Counselors are the essential key to the schedule change. They decide whether or not your request is approved or denied. Ms. Pacheco was also sat down and interviewed on her experience with approving or denying requests. Pacheco was first asked how the process was for her. Pacheco said” It was very overwhelming because of all the request”. Pacheco was then asked what grade she had to request for. Pacheco said that “Usually I’m over 11th and 12th grade, but since another counselor is out on maternity leave I took hers as well”. Next Pacheco was asked how she thinks the process could’ve been handled differently. She said that the way it was handled was perfect for the current times and circumstances. Pacheco was asked how the request affected her other work. Pacheco said that it backed her up for a little while, but it had to be done. Lastly, Pacheco was asked about how she felt about having to deny the request. Pacheco said that she felt bad because students were not able to be in the class they wanted to be in, but she had no other choice.