Freshmen Experience

karla ferrer

Freshmen Experience

Freshmans experience their first year in Lake Nona High School during a life-threatening global pandemic.

Freshmen Orientation 2021

On Sept. 16, 2021, A list of freshmans that attend Lake Nona high school were asked a series of questions based on their first experience to see their perspective on adjusting into a new school. From Being the oldest in middle school to being the youngest in high school is a vast change. There’s a variety of different answers coming from the lake Nona freshmans. Some students were excited, others were unhappy.

Incoming 9th graders have many emotions towards attending high school. Most students felt upset. A student named Kelli Hernandez from biology honors stated “Ninth grade is very stressful.” According to the student stress statistics,”Forty five percent of high schoolers are starting to feel stressed all the time.” This could often be caused by school work or being nervous. On the other hand, A former freshman student, Henry Watson explained “I’m glad to see my friends again”. This indicates that some students are excited to see their peers again and start fresh.

                                                                                                                                                              Lake Nona High School

Freshmans had to complete their last year of middle school virtually because of the global pandemic. This has caused mental shifts in the students of Lake Nona high school. According to the national geographic, experts believe the “Pandemic isolation has negatively impacted students’ social skills.” It has also forced students into quickly adjusting after being homeschooled for a year. This is another cause of stress especially when shifting to a new school.