Students Having to Reacomoate to Not Having Online School

Nathalia Monteiro Annesi

Schools are filled to capacity again and the whole world has to readjust to going back to normal after over a year in a pandemic. 

When the whole world was caught off guard by a pandemic, everyone had to adapt to the new environment it created. Buildings closed down, a big part of the population lost their jobs, and schools closed down. Schools were not closed for the whole year because they quickly created a virtual option for students that did not feel safe coming back to school. Although the next school year everyone had to come back to campus because vaccines were being distributed and it was safer.

 Even though a big portion of the population is now vaccinated, it is still not 100% safe. Many parents and students would still like to have the virtual option available. Some of the students were interviewed about their opinions on it. When student Carolinny Freitas was asked if she would still like to have both options available she answered “No because most of my friends would stay home. And now that everyone is back it feels a little more like it was before.” and many others have different opinions than Carolinny, one of these students was Lucas Franco, and when asked what option he preferred he said he preferred online because he was able to go to work earlier. Also, people are now questioning which option they were able to learn more, and which option gives teachers more room to know the pace their students are learning at.  

Although people argue that in-person teachers are able to pay more attention to what the students are actually learning, many students have said that they learned more online. Online students had more flexibility to learn at their own pace. In online assignments, the teachers were not able to be as thorough because they had to focus on teaching an online and an in-person class both at the same time. One of the students that agreed was Dana Papini who said “the only way I know is on campus but I think for me I would learn better online”, which is one of the multiple students who have the same answer. A student who disagreed that online was easier was Jeremias Felipe who said that his grades this year are better than last year, and last year he was online. So many people have mixed feelings about virtual and in-person school.