Homecoming dance after the pandemic

Amanda Alves, Author

            A big school event after a global pandemic can be weird for students, as many haven’t experienced any of them because of Covid-19. This year many students were attending a school dance for their first time. People’s expectations for the dance were good, as freshman Guilherme Germam thought “it’s going to be fun, but a bit weird” since he’s never been to a school dance before, and junior Luanna Germam thought that “homecoming is going to be very cool” and she’s “expecting a good time”. 


             The dance happened on Sep 18 at Sea World. Many students thought the location was a great choice, especially after a sudden location change. At Sea World students got various options on what to do. Senior Luiza Molenda also thought it was good that they weren’t just thrown together at a small place, and that fact it was a big place made it more fun. As students weren’t limited to a single place, they got to do stuff like riding roller coasters and dancing with their friends. Most people’s favorite part of the dance were the rides. Some students that went to homecoming in 2019 like junior Gabi Martins, said that this year’s dance was better than last dance because it had more space to hang out with friends.


            Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so nice and it rained at the dance, but students were still able to have fun and thought that even though it ruined everyone’s hair, it made the dance a lot funnier than expected. After the dance some seniors were upset that this was their last homecoming because a lot of them didn’t get a chance to go to one before. However all of them are looking forward to prom and are hoping it’s as much fun as this year’s homecoming.