The Stressful Decision of Deciding a Future Career

Amanda Lopes Priosti, Author

Students at Lake Nona High School (LNHS) shared their insights about careers on Sept. 17. Their goal is to help students who are unsure about their future careers by sharing their different perspectives about the issue.

Firstly, Allison Lunandy, a senior at LNHS, explains her career choice. Lunandy is certain that she wants to be a physician associate (PA) and plans to do an in-state university, but is unsure whether to choose UF, USF or UCF. Lunandy is interested in this career because she wants to help other people live healthier lives. Also, Lunandy was attracted to this career because it is diverse and allows her to change specialties if she wants to learn something new. Furthermore, Lunandy explains how no one influenced her in her career decision by stating that, “I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to live a comfortable life ever since I was little”. Moreover, Lunandy details that she learned about PA while taking new student experiences at Valencia. Additionally, she shares important advice for students who are unsure about what career to follow, “I would say to find something that will have a good job outlook by the time you graduate college”, she continues to thoroughly explain her advice, “for example, I used to want to be a pharmacist but the job outlook does not seem very good. A PA is much better since there is a greater need for physicians now and in the future”.

Furthermore, Fabiola Cuevas, a senior at LNHS, thoroughly details her career decision. Cuevas states that she would like to be a neuroscientist and graduate at Wellesley College. Cuevas is interested in this career because she loves psychology and thinks that she can positively contribute in this field because she is passionate about mental health. Additionally, Cuevas mentions how people doubted her career choice, but says that her family fully supported her decision by proudly expressing that “my family really believes in my potential”. Finally, Cuevas advises students who are unsure about their careers to “choose something that aligns with your passions”. She continues on with that topic by suggesting that students “think about what you love to do, and do your best to follow that path and be authentic to your passion”.

Moreover, Maxima Harmon, LNHS college and career specialist, expresses her perspectives and insights about careers. Firstly, she is responsible for guiding students with resources and information to help prepare them for life after high school. In addition, Harmon declares that “to have a successful career would be in what you are naturally good at and something you are passionate about”. Indeed, money can greatly influence a career choice and Harmon articulates that “if you only work for a paycheck that’s not going to be rewarding you because there won’t be that sense of fulfillment in the person’s life”. Harmon continues to advise students by emphasizing that they should “find something that you enjoy, are passionate about and care about more than money”. Finally, she mentions how students should not be expected to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Furthermore, she encourages students to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. Harmon continues on that thought by stating “expose yourself to as many careers as possible and all that experience will help students come up with an informed decision as to what they might want to do in the future”. Lastly, Harmon finalizes by illustrating that “life is about trying different things out and accepting change and challenges as they come”.

In conclusion, choosing a career is an impactful decision because it will determine your future. With that said, you must carefully decide a career that interests you and have a passion for. Finally, Mahatma Gandhi once said this meaningful message, “the future depends on what you do today”. This quote connects perfectly with the idea of choosing a career, because the career you choose to do in the future can greatly change the world.