The Graceful Melody of the Sound of Music


Amanda Lopes Priosti, Author

The Sound of Music tells the story of Maria, a spirited young woman who is searching for her dreams. Her destiny leads her into being the governess of seven children. Their father, Captain Georg von Trapp is strict and demands for his children to be obedient and follow rules. However, Maria appreciates the idea of uniqueness and the ability of people being themselves. Throughout the movie, you will embark on a journey of kindness, love and creativity.

Julie Andrew gives a magnificent performance as Maria making the audience truly feel how much she loves the children. Moreover, Christopher Plummer gives a realistic performance of a strict father who preserves his children and wants nothing bad to happen to them.

Furthermore, The Sound of Music has been highly praised by the critics. Film critic Sarah Crompton expresses that this movie “has a confidence and a sense of moral purpose that warms the hardest heart”. Additionally, critic Brian Webster details that “the music is wonderful from start to finish”. Also, James Powers describes that the movie is “composed of taste, excitement, heart and mind”.

My opinion of The Sound of Music is that it is a heartwarming movie that will make you feel good about life. Also, I loved the music in this movie because it is melodic and it remains in your head after you listen to it. In addition, I believe that the theme of this movie is learning through creativity because Maria shows the children how brilliant they are when they are being themselves. Finally, The Sound of Music has an important quote that can be used when people are facing challenges, which is “when a door closes, somewhere opens a window”.

Director: Robert Wise
Release date: April 1, 1965
Run-time:174 minutes
Box office: $286.2 million
Rating: G