Lions vs Longhorns Softball

Hannia Gonzalez, author

Wednesday, March 24, 2021, was a great day for Lake Nona’s girl’s softball team. Both JV and Varsity teams won against Harmony High School by a score of 3-2. When batting, Avery Viancos had an average of .333 (33 hits in 100 bats) with 4 plate appearances. While Jianna Simonet had an average of .500 (50 hits in 100 bats) with also 4 plate appearances. The total batting average of the team was .310 with 9 different hitters. In Baserunning, Avery Viancos was able to steal a base once, while Ireland Sibbitt from Harmony High School did the same but twice. So far the girl’s softball team has kept a streak of 7 consecutive wins since the beginning of the season, to date they have won more than half of their games. 

Image from lnhs.softball Instagram