Lake Nona Lions Win Against Freedom’s Patriots


Hannia Gonzalez, author

The Lake Nona Freshmen basketball team won 50-27 against Freedom high school in an unchallenging game. 

On Wednesday, January 13th, at Lake Nona High school, the freshmen basketball team played against Freedom High school at 4:30 pm. In the first quarter, Lake Nona started the game by scoring 14 points while Freedom scored 7, moving onto the second and third quarter, Lake Nona scored 29 points within those quarters while Freedom was only able to score 7 points once again. In the fourth and last quarter, Freedom scored 13 points, and Lake Nona 7, this helped Freedom’s score a little but not enough to bounce back from their first three-quarters scores. Their finals scores consisted of 27 points for Freedom high school and 50 points for Lake Nona.