The Long and Emotional Journey of Little Women

The Long and Emotional Journey of Little Women

Amanda Lopes Priosti, Author

Little Women takes place during the Civil War and it is about the story of four talented sisters who are seeking their dreams and overcoming the obstacles they face while trying to accomplish these goals. Saoirse Ronan plays Jo who is an independent and driven author that shares an idea of not conforming to the patterns that society has put in place. Florence Pugh portrays Amy who is ambitious, spoiled and desires to be a famous painter and richly marry. Emma Watson plays Meg who is a loving and dutiful woman, but also is longing for luxury. Finally, Eliza Scanlen plays Beth who is shy, kind and shares a passion for music and family.


Saoirse Ronan gives a marvelous performance of Jo because she expresses exactly how a woman who has a drive for working and desires something more than marriage, deals with the patriarchal values that repressed women at that era. Moreover, Florence Pugh does a magnificent portrayal of Amy because she gives humanity to the character, making the audience understand how she feels and why she had to make the life decisions she chose to do. 


Furthermore, this Little Women adaptation was praised by many critics because of its modern touch of a classical story. The movie critic Adam Lubitow describes Little Women as “vibrantly, messily and beautifully alive”. Additionally, critic Roe McDermott affirms that Little Women is “a radiant, huge hearted film that embraces the messy beauty of growing up”. Finally, film critic Kevin A. Ranson believes that this movie is about “celebrating young women dealing with life, circumstance, and personal decisions from their own point of view”.


My opinion about this Little Women adaptation is that it’s relatable and heartfelt because some of the issues that are talked about in the movie are still happening today. Greta Gerwig, the director of Little Women created a masterpiece because every character in the movie has a special role and at the end you feel like you know all of them personally. I also loved the constant flashback into childhood because it emphasizes that people are always thinking back to their golden years of childhood and their eagerness to be children again and escape the problems of the world. I think we are stronger together is the theme of the movie because although all the sisters are following different paths, when they are together their power is exuberating on screen. Overall, this movie is about women doing what they love, and men supporting women through highs and lows. Finally, Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women wrote the mesmerizing message that expresses the idea of this movie “there is always light behind the clouds”.


Rating: A+