Plans for Life After High School


Leilani Foster, Author

 One of the most asked questions to students in high school is “What are you going to study in college?”, or “Do you plan on going to college after graduation?”. These questions are always on student’s minds, so I decided to ask them. A survey was sent out to a range of high school students, each of which provided a variety of answers. The survey included questions regarding whether or not they plan on going to college after high school and what they would want to major in or study. Out of the 31 responses that were received, 87.1% of the students responded yes, they do plan on going to college after high school. On the other hand, 9.7% of the students said that they don’t know if they still want to go to college after high school or not, while a small 3.2% said that they do not plan on going to college. The second question asked was when would they plan on going to college. 23 students responded that they would go to college directly after high school graduation and 2 students said that they would prefer to take a gap year, figure things out while they can. Once again, a handful of students stated that they don’t know whether or not they would take a gap year or go straight to college after graduation. Moving onto more in depth topics, I asked what the students would like to major in or study in college. The answers to this question varied from majors in the medical field to business and law. The majority of the responses included majors such as medicine, nursing, and biology. Other majors like criminal psychology, criminal justice, and law were also very popular. Guiding toward specifics such as where students would want to attend college and which universities they would attend, I asked them just that. One of the top schools that was mentioned was the University of Central Florida. The University of Florida came in a close second, as well as other Florida schools such as Florida State University and Florida Atlantic University. I also asked whether or not they would go to school out of state, 35.5% said yes, while 29% said they would rather stay in Florida. Of the schools located out of state, which some students mentioned they would attend, included University of California, Los Angeles, Boston University, Columbia University, and Stanford University.