How Face-to-Face vs. LaunchED Affects Friendships

Isabella Mejia, Author

Corona has greatly impacted the world and how students have had to deal with school. Not only did the board of education need to make tough decisions but the students did too. There have been mixed opinions on how people feel about both face to face and LaunchED. It has been clear that friendships have really been impacted by this matter. 

I interviewed Justin Mills,  a student that was a LaunchED student for the first semester and he said, “ My friendships have been greatly impacted by the pandemic”and that when he was doing LaunchED he got distant with friends and even some close friends. He also made it clear that even though he lost touch with some friends, the ones that stayed close to him made him realize who his real friends were. He went back to school, face to face, for the second semester and was able to meet new people and build closer bonds with the friends he had.

Face to face and LaunchED are very different and give different opportunities, but it is more likely that when students are around other classmates and are able to communicate with people surrounding them the friendships tend to become stronger.