The Shining Story of City Lights

The Shining Story of City Lights

Amanda Lopes Priosti, Author

City Lights is a silent movie starring Charlie Chaplin and Virginia Cherrill. The story is about a tramp who falls in love with a blind flower girl. The tramp does everything he can to make the girl’s life better and many obstacles come his way when trying to accomplish this goal. Throughout the movie the tramp’s storyline is interwoven when he meets a drunken billionaire, which their comical interaction brings the audience to laughter. 


Charlie Chaplin’s extraordinary performance in this movie is unlike any other. Although he speaks no words, the audience knows how he is feeling based on his expressions. Moreover, Virginia Cherrill gives an astounding portrayal of the blind flower girl, which impresses people deeply because of how her life turned out to be. 


Furthermore, City Lights is a classical movie that is praised by many critics because of it’s touching storytelling. The movie critic Nicholas Bell describes this movie as “the human attraction to the cinematic form”. Additionally, critic Matthew Lucas acknowledges City Lights as “a magical film, as brilliant and majestic as the city lights from which it gleans its title”. Finally, film critic Blake Howard profoundly states that “City Lights gets to the heart of the Tramp. It is a beautiful romance about loving someone for who they are and not their social or economic status”


My opinion about City Lights is that it is a heartwarming movie with a powerful message. In addition, this movie made me realize that you don’t need lines to tell a story, your own expressions can detail your life. In fact, the tramp is selflessly living his life and goes through extremes to express his love to a girl. I think that love is love is the theme of this movie because everyone deserves love doesn’t matter their race, their gender, their age, and their background. Finally, Mahatma Gandhi once pronounced this emotional quote “where there is love, there is life”. 


Rating: A+