Preparing For The Holidays

Angelique Nunez, Author

During December a lot of holiday preparations take place for the different traditions and celebrations that occur.  Depending on how families plan for the holidays the preparations can vary in many ways. For Christmas, families look forward to putting up the Christmas tree, setting up decorations, preparing delicious food and most importantly spending quality family time with one another. Although the holiday season is considered to be “The most wonderful time of the year” and “Filled with joy for all” it can also be the most chaotic.  Making sure that all the gifts are bought, holiday cards are sent, setting up the dinner table beforehand are all important holiday preparations that take place. ” I love this holiday season so it is sad we aren’t going to carry out some traditions with family members due to the pandemic” said Isabella Davis. With that being said, there are changes this year that are going to affect how the holiday season is usually celebrated such as having gatherings or the holiday parties that families have during the holidays. It’s important to add social distancing and staying safe to that list of preparations so you can keep yourself as well as your family and friends safe. Remember to enjoy the break during this time and have fun during the holidays!