Challenging Times for Girls’ Varsity Soccer

Amanda Lopes Priosti, Author

Lake Nona High School (LNHS) girls’ varsity soccer is experiencing a difficult season, but with motivation and dedication they can succeed in the next few games. Firstly, on Nov. 19, LNHS girls varsity soccer were devoted to winning against Edgewater High School, but they ended up losing 1-0. Furthermore, on Dec. 1, they competed against Boone High School and they were committed to defeating them, but they lost again 4-1. However, this is only the beginning of the season and they have plenty of opportunities to succeed.


The girls’ varsity soccer players shared their feelings and experiences toward soccer. At first, Jalen Haas, LNHS winger and fullback acknowledged that the challenges she experienced while playing soccer aren’t physical and she emphasized the idea that, “this sport requires extreme mental toughness to truly succeed”. Additionally, Jalen expresses what her feelings are when her team loses a game where she mentions, “when my team loses I’m frustrated and slightly annoyed. But it always simmers down to an eagerness to win the next game”. This highlights the idea of never giving up and overcoming challenges. Furthermore, Zoe Morris, LNHS midfielder illustrates the moment that she feels the most nervous during a game is, “when I first step on the field before the first whistle blows”. Also, Zoe establishes that the goal she hopes to accomplish in the future is, “fulfilling my potential and being the best player I can be for the team”. This emphasizes team spirit because of her willingness to improve so that the team can be better. At last, Brianna Burchell, LNHS attacking midfielder shares how she balances her personal life from her academic life, where she describes that, “I balance my school and personal life by putting every event I have on a planner. Once I put my priorities that have to be completed, then I can see how I can make personal plans”. Additionally, when talking about what moment in the game she feels the most anxious, Brianna experiences a similar situation to Zoe when she states, “I feel the most nervous right before the first whistle blows because the first 15 minutes are the most dangerous, for either our team or the opponent to score”. This affirms that at the beginning of the game the players are the most apprehensive because they don’t expect what is going to happen ahead, since in soccer anything can happen. 


Although LNHS girls’ varsity soccer is experiencing a difficult season, they have to keep moving forward. Whatever challenges they encounter in the path to achieving their dreams, they must never give up. Finally, Walt Disney once declared this inspirational message, “if you can dream it, you can do it”.