Varsity Basketball Team Wins First Game of the Season against Cypress Creek High School


Hannia Gonzalez, author


Lake Nona boys basketball team starts off the season by winning their first home game against Cypress Creek. 

On Wednesday, December 2nd, the freshman team scored a total of 42 points against Cypress Creek, who scored 39 points. The game started at 4:30 pm, Cypress Creek got the lead by scoring 4 points in the first 2 minutes of the game. Immediately after, Lake Nona began to score more points and focused on different strategies they could use to win. At the beginning of the second period, Lake Nona and Cypress Creek had a score of 12 points, which later became 15 for Cypress Creek, but Lake Nona didn’t plan on staying behind, they scored 3 more points and reached Cypress Creek.

By halftime, they were tied, both teams had a score of 32 points, and 6 minutes left until the game was done. 

After 4 minutes of playing, and 2 minutes left till the game was done, it seemed like Cypress Creek had the lead with 39 points, yet Lake Nona managed to score 3 more points in less than a minute, ultimately winning.  

The Lake Nona Basketball team had a great start for this new season.