The Further Impact of Virtual Learning on Our Community

Mikela Ibrisimovic, Author

As Covid-19 continues to strike upon our state, schools remain open with virtual learning programs in session as well. Although, learning experiences for kids in high school enrolled in virtual learning programs can be seen with more downsides than positives in these troubling times.

There seems to be a common theme with a difficulty with work or lack of student motivation when it comes to students in Lake Nona High School enrolled in the Launch-Ed virtual learning experience. When asking Maddie Berry, a sophomore, about how she feels about her experience so far she says, “Online school has not only been super frustrating but also super boring, every day feels the same. Wake up, do classes for 7 hours, homework, and done. It feels like the teachers forgot we are in a pandemic too, so they just assign as much work as they want”. With similar experiences in regards to difficulty of work, sophomore Dennise Rios says, “Online school has made my grades worse since I don’t have a visual representation of the material that is being taught to us. Most teachers are lenient and want to help you understand it better when you are struggling. Overall I think online school is a cool experience for the future but personally I would not choose to do it again”. Valeria Salas, another sophomore, has had a positive experience unlike the others stated, but of course with a bit of a downside. “It has been good, way easier than normal school, but I am lacking motivation”, says Valeria.

Experiences with Virtual learning can range from positive to negative, but the negative aspects should be heard and worked on to improve learning for everyone, no matter how they choose to learn during these difficult times.