Quarantine Hobbies During 2020

Angelique Nunez, Author

During this year we have been dealing with a lot of chaotic events such as the pandemic, which left millions of people with no choice but to be quarantined for their safety.  A lot of people have had trouble adjusting to the vast amount of changes in our society within these past few months and what they feel like they should be doing to keep themselves interested or even motivated while being in quarantine. Hobbies like working out at home, baking, streaming movies, playing video games, painting or other creative activities in general became way more popular. Others focused more on themselves during this quarantine and put their self- care in check. “I really did take this time to focus more on taking care of myself and doing things like watching movies or drawing” Isabella Davis said “I took quarantine as a positive thing to keep myself and my mind busy while being safe inside.” There was a lot of different hobbies people took interest in and hopefully even without quarantine they continue to keep themselves entertained but also happy.