How Virtual Learning Has Impacted Our Community

Ibrisimovic Mikela, Author

It is to no surprise that Covid-19 has greatly impacted the way we move forward with and adjust our lives around it. A tremendous difference has occurred with learning experiences when comparing traditional face to face school VS the LaunchEd learning program that has been set up.

When asked about virtual learning and people’s experiences with it, there seems to be mixed opinions that depend on the student. I asked Cristina Saldivia, a sophomore at Lake Nona High about her experience with virtual learning so far and she seems to be enjoying it, “I like it better than face to face because I have more freedom, and I can do more things on my own time” she said. As I asked Isabela Colorado, a junior, she seems to share the same experience as Cristina when it comes to virtual learning, “I get to move ahead and I can have a better schedule. During lunch I usually finish my work… that way I can have time to workout and get ahead in other classes once the school day is over, whereas in school at lunch I’d only finish homework sometimes so I wouldn’t always have time to workout” Isabela says. Although virtual learning seems to be allowing people to work around a better schedule to get work done on time more often, that may not be the case for some students when teachers assign more work due to it being online. Faith Johnson, a sophomore, says: “I think it is a lot harder to learn and fully get all the information we need to succeed ths year… it is harder to keep track of all my assignments and their due dates because there’s so much going on”. Virtual learning seems to be effectful for students, but can become difficult at times when accommodating dating to such big changes.