Students Provide Input on New Virtual School Program (LaunchED)

Leilani Foster, Author

Due to the recent events of COVID-19, many students school wide are now attending school virtually through the LaunchED program provided by Orange County. Switching from attending school physically, involving interactions with other students and teachers, to staying at home learning online, can have a wide variety of opinions from many students. A survey was sent out to a group of students that attend Lake Nona High, in which those students anonymously sent in their responses. On a scale of 1 to 5, about 40% of the students said that their experience with virtual school was at a scale of 3. Only about 7% said that they were completely satisfied with the program. Of the 15 responses given, many students said that their online classes are “a bit harder to work with, but not impossible”. On the other hand, a handful of students stated that they feel as if more work is being given than they would have if they were attending school physically. For reference, one student stated, “I’m not doing as good as I would be doing in school, online classes have unmotivated me so much.” Within the terms of classwork and the general basis of learning online, the students were asked if they believe they are doing better. The results showed that only 13% believed they were doing better, while 40% felt as if it’s a bit more difficult to be successful. In a question relating to whether or not the students would permanently stay virtual or go back to school physically, about 47% said they would rather go back face to face. In the end, there were many positive responses regarding virtual learning, but it can be seen that many students feel as if they would be better off having the ability to learn face to face, where communication is much easier.