Learning With Minecraft

Jennifer Witt, Author

Students are using Minecraft as a way to learn in Mr. Jackson’s AP Human Geography class. On October 9-23, students were put into groups on a Minecraft server where they would build, as a way of gaining knowledge. The goal was to be able to work together to understand the difference between Pop and Folk culture. For many students, it seemed like an enjoyable assignment. “I prefer using other platforms such as games to learn instead” says Taylor Witt, one of Mr. Jackson’s students. “It makes learning easier and more fun”. Using a platform such as Minecraft, has greatly influenced how much better they understood. “This project has made my understanding towards Pop and Folk culture much easier” says Gabriel Rivera, another student in the class. Using their creativity and knowledge gained, students were able to work together effectively, coming up with many different ideas, which were later used in their servers.